AstralPool’s H DUO leading model of robotic pool cleaner.

AstralPool UK Ltd, have appointed Jackson Leisure Ltd, as their sole UK  distributor for three of their top of the range robotic pool cleaners.

AstralPool’s H3, H5 and H7 include some of the most advanced features available for robotic pool cleaners. Using cutting-edge technology and contemporary design this makes them our top-of-the-range cleaner for private pools.

With a ‘smart’ navigation system that will ensure your pool is thoroughly cleaned every time, avoiding all types of obstacles and has a tangle-free power cable.


The DUO has a new ultrafine 3D filter as a standard and the LED indicator shows when the filter is full. A transparent windows make it easy to see the level of dirt and the filters are easy to reach from the top of the cleaner – with no need to come into contact with the dirt to clean the filter.

With excellent grip and extra powerful brush for a deeper clean. Adjustable suction nozzles to provide maximum pull.

For further information about the full range of AstralPool’s H DUO pool cleaners contact: Jackson Leisure if you are a UK customer.

Or you can see product details in our catalogue here.