Luxury pool and spa required two Phoenix 6000 Super units

Swimming pool dehumidifiers and combined units incorporate fresh air ventilation, cooling plus heat recovery to both air and water.

A variable mode humidity control was specified which provides the hotel with a fully automated system ensuring the environment is kept to the exact requirements.

The pair of Phoenix 6000 Super units were installed by The Yeatman Hotel in Portugal, one for the pool and one for the luxury spa. Both swimming pool dehumidifers and systems have a combined airflow of 12,000 M3/Hr and a combined dehumidification duty of 29.5 L/Hr.

The Yeatman was voted one of the ‘Top 12 Infinity Pools in the World’ and number one in Portugal by leading travel trade magazine Conde Naste’s “Traveller”. One of the key features incorporated into the design and operation of the system was to help save energy and reduce its impact on the environment, and a primary reason for choosing the Phoenix 6000 Super units.

The Yeatman first opened in the mid 1990’s by the Yeatman family, boasting a stunning location overlooking the historic centre of Oporto and the River Douro, a five star wine and spa hotel with a Michelin star restaurant, one of the finest wine cellars in Europe, an indoor pool, an infinity pool and a luxury spa. Heatstar units were considered perfect due to their modular construction and the company’s ability to tailor the system design meeting client’s specific configuration requirements.

The company Heatstar dealt with on this project in Portugal have worked together with commercial manager Joaquim Lourenço for about ten years who said, “Heatstar always offer excellent technical support both during and after installation. The knowledge and experience of Heatstar engineers is second to none and their response times to any questions we have are faster than any other company. We also know their products are always at the cutting edge of energy efficiency and quality of construction.”

This case study is reproduced by kind permission of Waterland Media Ltd, publishers of Pool and Spa Scene magazine, where the case study first appeared. Photography courtesy of The Yeatman.