Pool dehumidification technology helped change the lives of 72 school pupils

Astral Heatstar Swimming Pool dehumidification heat pump technology.

With reduced energy active fan technology, helped to open up a whole new world of physical and mental wellbeing and recuperative, healing benefits when installed as part of a new Hydrotherapy pool.

The benefits of hydrotherapy can speed up recovery from illness, injuries and surgery and an advanced hydrotherapy pool was installed by London Swimming Pool Company, at the specialist St Nicholas school for cognition and learning in Wiltshire, where the facilities are said to have changed the lives of its 72 pupils.

The support of the water on the body, and in particular the joints, can be very liberating for those who are suffering from a chronic condition such as arthritis, osteoporosis or back problems or can make exercise even easier or even possible as well as increase the range of movement.

It has taken seven years of planning and fund raising initiatives to generate the £700,000 by the local Rotary Club and their dedicated charity SNAP (St Nicholas Appeal for a Pool) to turn the dream into reality.

The pool allows for children and young people with special needs to enjoy the experience and benefits of water for the very first time and provides a unique learning environment.

The pool element of works was awarded to London Swimming Pool Company based on their track record and level of experience in designing and building specialist installations in schools, colleges and hospitals.

The 7×7 metre pool accommodates 15 users at any one time and assistance and interaction for those in the water can also be provided by teachers from the sunken walkway alongside one end of the pool. This useful feature enables support staff to communicate with those in the pool at eye level without the need to enter the water.

To assist with overall running costs, the building and plant design has taken advantage of the latest developments in sustainable energy resources by incorporating solar heating panels located on the roof of the pool building, which also greatly reducing the carbon footprint, and by utilising a Heatstar Phoenix 3000 Super+ unit which offer the latest dehumidification heat pump technology and reduced energy active fan technology.

The Phoenix 3000 Super+ also provides active heat recovery to both air and pool water and fresh air ventilation.

Not only will every child at St Nicholas now be able to swim regularly, the school wants their pool to be a resource for the local community, particularly for people who have disabilities who cannot access local pools.

This case study is reproduced by kind permission of Swimming Pool News, where the case study first appeared. Photography courtesy of London Swimming Pools.