Why use Stainless Steel?

If you need to ask, Why use Stainless Steel? It is because this is a material, increasingly used for its aesthetic appeal, flexibility, durability, corrosion resistance and hygiene.

A primary objective is to maintain the material’s corrosion resistance. Precautions are essential in every stage of storage, handling and shaping to minimize effects, which could endanger the formation of the passivation layer. Special care has to be taken to restore corrosion resistance at the welding points.

Due to the critical nature of the systems ASTRALPOOL Stainless Steel pools use the highest quality materials supplied directly by the steel industry. Our pools use 1.4301 (AISI-304) steel for visible surfaces for its quality and resistance. In surfaces, which are not visible, 1.4301 (AISI-304) is used to ensure the quality and durability of our pools.

The welding process is key to the construction of stainless steel pools and for this reason, it is carried out by highly qualified professionals following an established welding procedure established in regulations such as the EN ISO 15609-1.

The stainless steel swimming pool construction is designed for:

DURABILITY: We use new designs and manufacturing processes in order to obtain the maximum quality, functionality and durability of the pool components.

RELIABILITY: The use of the highest quality components in combination with a 100% secure installation system guarantees us the necessary reliability with this type of installations.

ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY: The stainless steel pool is respectful for the environment. Its components are totally recyclable, do not pollute and are manufactured with low-impact production processes.